Friday, 18 May 2012

"Two weeks left !"

By the time we have 2 weeks left for the final outcomes to be born, Guan suggested an idea of a more concentrated collective of 5 - 6 animations in total, within the theme "Cooking". The 5 or 6 short animations will be about the sensory combination between images and sounds of processes from one cooking activity. I myself think it's a concise thought and wholeheartedly agree with hers.

In terms of time and technical capacity, we had decided to make 5 videos - each of us will do 2 individually and the last 1, we would collaborate.

The particular sections we took on are as follow:

Guan : Whisking ; Dining (Eating with fork and knife)

Chi : Chopping ; Frying.

Collaboration: Dish Washing.

Here are the storyboards I came up with my sections. . .

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