Saturday, 28 April 2012

sizzling oil - stopmotion - test 02 (demo)

demo versions of test 02 with different effects.
i couldnt figure how to match real images' quality with the uploading limit.

enjoy the grainy-ish.

sizzling oil - stopmotion - test 01


Thursday, 26 April 2012

crunchy crisp tests

sound drawing by G.

the first practice i made. with sounds of birds tweet, washing machine, heating/ hot water controller, and some traffic noise.   

river side.

on the bus.

on the lift.

Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Practices by .C (1)

Below are drawings I made in response to our group's self-made task of tracing whatever we hear from everyday's moments and activities.

A tiny test for us to first time use stop-motion's professional software.

" |ˈkələr| "

Last one on this search of colour effects !

This's a classic, with weary but pleasing exposure and also, cute movements  : )

Tempo and colours.

There're some scenes i might skip, yet there are others that enable me to sense clearly the relationship between tempo of images and tempo of sounds - how to put visual appearances such as patterns and shapes to match sound frequency, smth like that.

I think Mr. McLaren's really good at it.

abstract drawing/ images video

 i think this style quite fit Chi, please have a look, and give me your thought!!!

Matchstick from jeff scher on Vimeo.

and the second one, used paper cuts (maybe transparent ones), love these images.

Papercut abstractions, in progress from Santiago Caffarena on Vimeo.

really random and rough video, still obsession one

abstract animation_in progress from Nicole Mueller on Vimeo.

and i want these colour things!

colors2 from sasha taklu4she on Vimeo.

ink into water

i know there are tons of ink-into-water videos in Vimeo, but this one, the size of it, really catches my eye. and its effect and image also go well, right?

I Jumped Into A Lake And Held My Breath For 2 Minutes and 22 Seconds and Woke Up In The Ocean from Karen Abad on Vimeo.

oil drop

this short film director, SHAWN KNOL, talked about how he made this film.
 A lot of people are asking how I did this. It's pretty simple. I just put the camera on its' lowest jpeg setting, placed the camera into continuous mode, and locked the shutter down with my wired remote. The oil is being dumped into a tall cylindrical glass, with about a cup of water in it. The whole thing is lit from behind by a diffused clamp light.
the result looks very nice.

Oil in Water from Shawn Knol on Vimeo.

Test No.1

This is the first stop-motion we made to test the concept of the co-existence of imagery and sound.

colours and dots

my response to chi's post. this is a music video from a band called CRYSTAL STILTS. I am fascinated by these colours... 

Tuesday, 24 April 2012

kettles images!


COS - the clothing brand - has made 2 short experimental clips - an exploration of colour inspired by vibrant indigo, International Klein Blue and rich denim washes.

Rather rough, but i really like the colour effects.

Monday, 23 April 2012


We had practiced a drawing exercise in order to have a more palpable connection between our visuals and the ambience/ sound/ noises : we went to different locations, listened then together traced what we heard - each of us picked one colour and tried to use only it during each place's session ..

Here are a few of the outcomes:

(in Chelsea College's canteen.)

(somewhere i forgot)

(at Subway's shop - Westminster 19 March 2012)

(at St. Thomas's Hospital - Waterloo)

(at Waterstones - Picadilly Circus)

Rough Ideas

Some few ideas we had since the "earliest period" of developing the brief.

1 . making video of false mix-matched actions/ happenings with the recorded sounds…… Like the sound of sizzling sunflower oil on hot pan incorporates with the visual showing someone’s ironing a shirt.

A combination of sound + sight that probably does not make sense to question about value/ role of each sense ?

moving images with intentionally disturbing/ accelerating movements on randomly/ inapt background music. For example the visual of this video on youtube with classical (Chopin,…) music theme :

Source: creative process of deaf artist Christine Sun Kim :

2 . video/ visual series of the questioning idea : how do sounds look like?
making conceptual / sense-oriented illustration, moving images translating different sounds.

Example of translating website:

Music video with images literally explaining words (or maybe not?):
Fujiya & Miyagi - Knickerbocker

3 .
muted scenes of kaleidoscopic images – images overlapping each other

kaleidoscope animation:

for meditational purpose (jazzy / slow bounce slot ?)


Brief 11 – Sensory TV


Audio described content for the partially sighted and blind vs. overly visual content for the deaf. Playing with the relationship between the spoken words and images/footage. If the relationship between words and images is questioned (in this instance because the viewer can’t see the images) how can words and images be played off against each other? Describing something beautiful over footage of something horrific or incredibly dull? Describing something horrific over footage of something beautiful Subversion, contradiction, questions about reality and proof. Exposing the process of television by exploring the two major senses (sight and sound) that we use to experience it.

(lots images XD)

Format is flexible. Suggest series of shorts films perhaps to fit in with different moods of the channel throughout the day.

Hearing Test


This video got me thinking of making a film/ clip that 'pretends' to be a hearing test, but actually it isn''t one... i''m not sure, but this inspires...

Tempo and Imagery.

Some video researches, simple and beautiful.