Monday, 21 May 2012


Here is our Sensory Collection...

By G.


By .C

Collaboration : 

Friday, 18 May 2012

"Two weeks left !"

By the time we have 2 weeks left for the final outcomes to be born, Guan suggested an idea of a more concentrated collective of 5 - 6 animations in total, within the theme "Cooking". The 5 or 6 short animations will be about the sensory combination between images and sounds of processes from one cooking activity. I myself think it's a concise thought and wholeheartedly agree with hers.

In terms of time and technical capacity, we had decided to make 5 videos - each of us will do 2 individually and the last 1, we would collaborate.

The particular sections we took on are as follow:

Guan : Whisking ; Dining (Eating with fork and knife)

Chi : Chopping ; Frying.

Collaboration: Dish Washing.

Here are the storyboards I came up with my sections. . .

Few more bits and bops of inspirations

. I am not a fan of the first one - music video by a band called Django Djandgo. However, it's quite interesting to see their footages and ideas through that.

. The later 2 videos are opening credits from the film Enter The Void by Gaspar Noe. I find it outstanding, bold and powerful.

Developing storyboards

As mentioned in my previous posts of drawing practices, my suggestion to our duo progress is to narrow the chosen selections by listing a number of various daily activities - actions that normally seem to be unnoticed or even, "unheard".

The list we came up with together had about 25-30 activities and from that, each of us by preference, chooses 3 that we want to further progress. At this stage, Guan had chosen "Crying", "Laughing" and "Eating Crisps" and for me, I had chosen "Machine Sewing", "Hair Blow-drying" and "Cooking".

Below are my very first developing storyboards' drafts. Click for larger view!

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Practices by .C (3)

Last couples of drawings I made before getting started developing storyboards.

activity: blow-drying hair

activity: blow-drying hair

activity: machine sewing

activity: machine sewing

Practices by .C (2)

During Easter break, we set ourselves a task of making drawings that focus on one particular activity, based on the list of daily activities we have discussed together, in order to narrow our paths.

I went to Germany and did these few drawings while I was traveling, on highways, on airplane, trains, trams and also while waiting for arrival / departure.