Friday, 16 March 2012

second meeting notes

Chi: I've need to prepare documents ready for my tmr's visa interview now so is it ok tonight we brainstorm about smaller briefs/spaces to work together tmr ?
is it better we meet at chelsea first?
Guan:  just like peter said. ‎10 ~ 15 sec each films is better than 2 mins, and the number of film also increases. (let's see how many we need)
Chi: im not asking abt that. i was asking tonight we think abt spaces we wanna come n draw the sound from? n tmr, if working together, i think chelsea is nearer for both of us..
Guan:  kitchen, library, cafe, cinema, canteen, safa outside the fitting rooms,bus, market, food stall, loo...
Chi: bookstore . fitting room . supermarket . market . kid's playground (there're 3 near my place). game centre (trocadero - leicester square) . hospital .
Gaun: stair, under the tree, garden,
Chi: public toilet . windows of different places .tube station.
Chi: you wanna start doing tmr? together?
Guan:  computer room, main entrance of gallery/ museum/ college or...., road junction,ticket box. riverside, tunnel, lift,
Gaun:  next monday? after meeting? or this friday?
Chi: i can do tmr. let me know if you can tmr. so i can prepare n bring along with me materials before.
Guan:   i am considering about doing etching or not.ok, could we meet afternooon?
Chi: yes. thats better. when my visa thing finishes, i''ll txt u :) 
Guan: so you dont know when you would finish your visa?
Chi:  certainly not. my appointment is at 9.30 so should end no later than 12.
Guan:  ok, text me when you finish.

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